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PaediatRic Courses

For practitioners who wish to start post-graduate training in paediatrics or who are looking for further paediatric acupuncture training, please see the options below.  

One year Diploma in Paediatric Acupuncture from the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, UK

This is a sixteen day course run over 10 months.  The theory part of the course takes place with live, interactive teaching via Zoom.  The practical part is made up of 7 days, which take place individually over the 10 month period.  For those outside Europe, the theory part of the course can be taken alone.  For further information and to apply, please follow the link below:

Pre-recorded educational webinars

Calming the Emerging Mind

The Treatment of Teenage Anxiety and Depression with Acupuncture and Non-Needle Techniques.

Paediatric Masterclass: Non-Needle Methods for Paediatric Mental Health

A deep dive into non-invasive protocols that really work in the paediatric clinic.

Supporting Teenagers Through Extraordinary Times