The Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture (HOPA)

October 2021

Thank you for your interest in and support of The Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture (HOPA).  The response to our launch has been overwhelmingly positive, with many practitioners saying they have been wanting to become part of a community like this.  Many of you are also excited by the idea of a listing on the HOPA directory – not only so more parents can find you but also so that you can refer between each other when you are asked for recommendations in different parts of the world. 

October Paediatric Pearl

I wanted to share with you an interesting clinical case of a 4 year old girl (let’s call her Amy) who I saw for the first time last week.  For the last six months, Amy has been getting extremely high fevers (up to 42 degrees) which last for four to five days.  They come at regular intervals, originally every month and now every two weeks.  In between times, she is right as rain!  She had no other symptoms or signs of Heat whatsoever.

I was struggling to find the cause of the fevers, which didn’t obviously fit with the rest of Amy’s presentation.  Amy hadn’t had any illnesses or vaccinations in the weeks before they started.  I asked if there had been anything going on in the family around that time.  Amy’s mum replied that there was nothing she could think of.  However, her grandmother, who had also accompanied her to the appointment, pointed out to her mother that the fevers started around the time she (the mother) had started up a new business, and that the family had had to move house 3 times in the last six months.  Amy’s mum became quite tearful at this point and said ‘Yes, I hadn’t really acknowledged to myself until now that these have been the most stressful months of my life.’

My working hypothesis is that Amy’s fevers are an expression of the stress within the family.  As Sun Simiao explained, young children are like sponges who soak up their environment.  They are like the lightening rod for the family, often manifesting any hidden dynamics or stresses.

In terms of my treatment, this means that my focus will be on supporting Amy’s Five Element constitution but also supporting her shen.

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Many of you have signed up for a Directory Listing, but are yet to submit it.  Until your listing is up, parents will not be able to find your valuable services and colleagues will not know that they can send you children who need treatment.  We have now made it easier to submit your listing and you will no longer need to scan proof of your qualifications.  To submit your listing, simply go to My Account or follow the link you got in your original sign up email.

Upcoming developments

In November’s newsletter, I will be letting you know about opportunities to join online mentoring sessions.  All of us who work with children and their families know how rewarding our work is.  However, we also know that we need to make sure we are receiving support to sustain us in our work.  One practitioner ended a mentoring session by saying ‘I always come away feeling as if I have been filled up with confidence and energy for my work with children.’

Until then, a final reminder to get your profile up on the HOPA Directory if you haven’t already.

Sending you warm and mellow autumnal wishes

Rebecca Avern - HOPA founder sign off

and the HOPA team