The Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture (HOPA)

An Introduction to HOPA

The Hub of Paediatric Acupuncture (HOPA) was created to help raise the profile of paediatric acupuncture worldwide.  Our aim is that more acupuncturists will feel confident to treat children, and that the treatment they give will be of a high standard.  As a result, more children will benefit from our wonderful system of medicine.  We are also on a mission to raise awareness amongst parents of the fact that acupuncture is a safe, well-tolerated and effective treatment.  Our ever-growing directory of paediatric acupuncturists helps parents (and practitioners) to find well-qualified practitioners. By joining, you will be helping us to achieve these aims, you will develop and grow professionally and you will thereby help more children to thrive!

How can HOPA benefit you as a practitioner?

+ When listed on the HOPA worldwide directory you will receive referrals and raise your professional profile

+ Being a HOPA member illustrates your commitment and professionalism to parents of children you treat

+ Raise awareness and the standing of paediatric acupuncture worldwide

+ You will have access to an ever-expanding range of resources that will support you in your paediatric practice

+ You may choose to attend online live and interactive educational and mentoring sessions

+ Connect with other paediatric acupuncture practitioners via the HOPA members directory


Listen to a conversation with Julian Scott - a pioneer of paediatric acupuncture in the west.

An authentic conversation with Julian about paediatric acupuncture.